Meet The Farmers

Since the age of 12, enjoys seeing the crop through the harvest, from start to finish. Question: How long have yo...[view more]
I was drawn to farming at a young age. The hard work and long hours is a wonderful lifestyle. Having my family around me...[view more]
I like working outdoors for myself and carrying on the family farm legacy. Question: How long have you and your f...[view more]
Challenging nature to plant and see a particular crop to maturity. Question: How long have you and your family been ...[view more]
Being independent and enjoys harvest the best, seeing the crop through. Question: How long have you and your family ...[view more]
Loves working outside and likes the challenge of learning to grow and succeed at growing different crops. Also, enjoys...[view more]
Enjoys working the land with his family, and of course, seeing the harvest through. Question: How long have you ...[view more]
I love farming because I grew up with it and love to see the crops grow from start to finish. It’s in my blood and I h...[view more]
What I like about farming, besides working outside and being close to nature, is that it requires a set of diverse skill...[view more]
I like farming beans to help people eat healthier. I enjoy being my own boss, working outside and with the people in the...[view more]
I enjoy farming and working outside and being a steward of the land....[view more]
I love being outside and doing hands on work, however at the same I like the business aspect of it. Farming is a conside...[view more]
I like watching what I’ve planted grow throughout the season. And then after harvesting I have a tremendous sense of a...[view more]
I am a fifth generation California farmer, so farming is in my blood! ! I enjoy dealing with the different farming chall...[view more]
I have always been in farming; it’s a family tradition. What I like about farming is that you can always do better. It...[view more]
Our family has been farming in the Newman area for over fifty years. I particularly enjoy farming beans because they are...[view more]
Our family has been growing beans since the early 1930’s in the Westley area and have always considered beans to be a ...[view more]
I'm a 3rd generation farmer and love being outdoors, working the ground and seeing things grow. The everyday challenges ...[view more]
I enjoy farming because I like producing something of value for society, and of course enjoy having the opportunity to w...[view more]
I have been enjoying farming for 31 years and find it tremendously rewarding....[view more]
You get to do many things as a farmer. I enjoy the variety of farming, from growing, fixing things, being outside and ne...[view more]
I love farming because every day is different and provides great challenges. I enjoy all aspects including planting, gro...[view more]
After planting in the spring you get the opportunity to see your progress throughout the season and then during harvest,...[view more]
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