Meet our Featured Food Blogger, Rebecca!

Rebecca Hubbell-2017

Rebecca Hubbell’s website Sugar and Soul is geared toward inspiring millennial women, but all ages will love this website — especially if you like to cook and travel!

“We aim to inspire our readers to live exciting and happy lives with delicious recipes, entertainment ideas, and first-hand travel experiences,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca is based in Maine and has put her own spin on that state’s traditional Yankee fare. When you think of Maine, you probably think of lobsters, not baked beans. But baked beans are a classic state dish known as Bean-Hole Beans. Traditionally, they’re cooked in a cast iron pot in the ground.

Rebecca took this bean recipe and added her own twist by making it more accessible: you don’t have to cook it in the ground. You probably have heard of using Coca-Cola in a chocolate cake, so using Dr. Pepper in baked beans is a perfect fit. Try her Easy Dr. Pepper Baked Beans for a perfect side dish this winter or a summer barbecue!

photo courtesy of Sugar and Soul

photo courtesy of Sugar and Soul

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