Meet our Featured Dietitian Deborah Murphy!


Purchasing dried beans in bulk and cooking a big pot of them each weekend assures that Deborah Murphy and her fellow dietitian husband, Will, have a good source of plant-based protein already prepared for salads and other meals throughout the week. Choosing different varieties of beans to cook keeps them from getting bored. Deborah is a registered dietitian who works at a local hospital by day and blogs at Dietitian Debbie Dishes, about nutritious vegetarian recipes and practical tips for making the transition to a healthier diet by night. In her day job Deborah works with clients who often have a limited income, so she encourages them to incorporate affordable and versatile beans as a great source of dietary fiber and protein. Deborah shares her delicious Summer Vegan Pasta, a perfect meal for the fresh vegetable summer bounty at your local farmers market!

photo courtesy of Deborah Murphy

photo courtesy of Deborah Murphy


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